Gregory has composed for a wide range of categories ranging from orchestral and choral to ensemble and solo works.
“What impressed the adjudicators about this piece was – in short – vision. Gregory Rose has used all his experience in the fields of choral music and contemporary composition in this work. He has brought together the St Paul’s Cathedral building, with its very special acoustic, an experienced and dedicated choir, and the need to express a timeless text in a fashion that is meaningful for musicians, clergy and congregation alike. The piece is as thoughtful, colourful and direct as the life of the Apostle Paul himself. The panel feels that this setting of the Mass is a significant contribution to the field of liturgical music, and applaud the composer’s achievement.”

British Composer Awards, 2006 Liturgical forMissa Sancta Pauli Apostoli

“Here is a composer steeped in musical Modernism, who can produce brilliant colours, passionate sounds, and wonderful effects from the human voice.” Roderick Dunnett, Church Times June 2007