Composers’ Comments

“Thank you so much for your fine way of treating the Odense Orchestra – and my music. You really made it work. Also your personal style… was a great help for me; I’m very appreciable.”
Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen

“Gregory Rose’s conducting was faultless and brought out the sense of the music in an extremely sympathetic way…he is a fine conductor.”
Steve Reich

“I am most enthusiastic about your work as a conductor – I do so strongly hope that we can work together again one day!”
Jouni Kaipainen

“Thank you very much for your wonderful performance! I hope you will conduct my music more – you are a wonderful conductor”.
Toshio Hosokawa

“I was very happy with your interpretation in Odense. All the colours and rhythmic elements were executed phenomenally well, and the overall shape of the whole work was excellent. This performance was surely the best performance. Thank you so much. I cannot forget it!”
Milko Kelemen

“… you did a fantastic job throughout and the ensemble played Maquette with such complete aplomb.”
Piers Hellawell

“My admiration for Gregory Rose has only increased through many fine and committed performances I’ve attended, both of my own music and that of others; for my recent solo concert in London he was my conductor of choice. Of my most popular ensemble piece,’ I am a Donut’, Gregory has given the best performance I’ve heard.”
Daryl Runswick

“It’s always a pleasure working with you.”
Reynaldo Young

“What a fantastic experience! Your energy and commitment were remarkable. I so enjoyed working with you and look forward to us working together again.”
Jason Geistweidt

“Thank you for the excellent work you did on my ‘Do Not Go Gentle’ at Trinity College of Music.  The performance seemed like you were conducting an old favourite rather than a somewhat spikey new piece and you have the mark of a perfectionist. I hope that there are many other opportunities to hear you conduct my work.”
Stephen McNeff

“I would very much like to work with you again sometime, so I hope something works out.”
Kevin Volans

“It was wonderful indeed to work together.”
Gavriel Lipkind

“It was a fantastic concert … every piece received total commitment from the whole ensemble, and I was absolutely delighted with the performance of my piece. Thanks to Gregory and to you all for a memorable evening. All thanks to CoMA and especially yourself for championing
the piece so energetically and with such fantastic commitment.”

Howard Jones

“Thanks again for all your efforts and for the Ulster Orchestra also. I can hear how extraordinarily well prepared the performance is…”
Simon Holt

“Thanks for all your hard work. The (CoMA) players did really well.”
Michael Blake

“Thanks should go to you for making such a wonderful performance of the piece. It was a truly stunning occasion and meant a lot to me. It was wonderful that you conducted it and I was also so pleased that I’d managed to get the Trinity College of Music Contemporary Music Group into the festival before I left. I knew they’d be good! The recording is really excellent and captures the performance and the whole exciting and vivid atmosphere in the church extremely well. Congratulations!”
Diana Burrell

“Just a quick note to say thanks for last night. The performance was great and the movement really came together (the percussionists use of props was just inspired!).”
Duncan MacLeod

“Congratulations on directing such a successful concert last night ! And thanks also for the work you and the students did on my piece.”
John Thomas